Rosie on the House
Water systems can send pressured water to most modern refrigerators.

QUESTION: We want to install a reverse osmosis drinking-water system to our house but would like the system to tie into the refrigerator so the water will be chilled before we use it. We tried doing that a few years ago, but the system that was installed then really slowed the flow of water to a trickle so we got rid of it. Now we’d like to try again.

ANSWER: Well, the equipment they’re using now to connect RO systems with refrigerators works a lot better. That’s because the new connections will help maintain a higher water pressure. It can be 70 pounds per square inch for the refrigerator and 35 psi for the icemaker; both of which will speed up the flow of water.

Q: We have a well for our drinking water as well as a septic system. I test the well water regularly to be sure it’s safe. Can we also add a conventional water softener to our house and a reverse osmosis drinking-water system?

A: Yes, you can have separate systems installed for water softening and for drinking water when your water comes from a well.

Q: I recently moved from a house with a reverse osmosis drinking-water system to an apartment that doesn’t have one. I loved that water in the house. So now, can I get a similar system for my apartment?

A: Yes, a water treatment company can install a similar system under the kitchen sink in your apartment. Apartment management companies often have rules that forbid drilling through the walls, but water companies have alternative installation methods that will avoid doing that. They can also put filters on your shower to soften the water.

Q: I live in Marana and have a large west-facing wall that gets really hot. There’s no room for planting a tree in front of it to provide shade. So I’m thinking of planting a cat claw vine on the wall. But I have a pool 12 feet away and I want to avoid creating a mess with the vine. Will the cat claw drop a lot of leaves or flowers that could get into the pool? My wife is worried about the clean-up jobs.