Bottle Water Vs Tap Water

Fun fact: Americans on average drink 28 gallons of bottled water each year. That is a lot of water to be drinking out of bottles, but why? Most people drink water from bottles because they believe that tap water is not safe due to news media reporting about lead in municipal water supplies. Taken data shows that 25% or more of bottled water is found as tap water in many cases. In the article, the details of what different types of bottled water contain. Not only is bottled water much more expensive in cost compared to regular tap water but can also be harmful the same amount if not more than your household water. Water is the absolute most important element in our lives that we need in order to continue living and is of utmost importance to be conscious of. If you are concerned about your homes water, consult with a professional that can test your water for multiple issues and find the best solution for you.

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