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The Reynolds SoftStream Phosphate Combine is a special water conditioner for municipal and community water systems. 

Every year more and more public water systems are using phosphates to control water main corrosion, scale, and iron discoloration in the water. These phosphates have become common because they coat the infrastructure and reduce failures and maintenance problems. However, these same phosphates coat the minerals in the water, such as the hardness and iron and often prevent them from being removed by water filters and softeners. As often happens, a problem solved, a new one created!

The new SoftStream Phosphate Combine has been created by Reynolds! It removes the phosphate in your home water after it has done its work in the water mains. Now the combine can do its full high efficiency softening and iron removal .. all in one system. The Phosphate combine contains two different specialized resinous mediums layered in the same tank. It is regenerated automatically in the same way our other SoftStream High-Efficiency products are.

How the Reynolds SoftStream Phosphate Combine Works

The system has a microprocessor that not only programs itself by averaging out water consumption day after day, but it also has a unique method of programming that better fits both families and businesses. Practically all users of water have a pattern that is 7 day oriented, such as higher / lower use weekends, laundry days, or even guests. The High-Efficiency System monitors 4 consecutive 7 day periods. This system gives you the most accurate programming in the industry for lower operating cost and INFREQUENT brine tank refills. If your water use changes seasonally or because of a family status change, the SoftStream HE changes its program as needed spontaneously. If no water is used for a day or a week the SoftStream HE will compensate precisely. The simple, durable electronic meter has only one moving part.

Unique technological advances are incorporated into this system. High-Quality Water, Low Operating Cost.

  • Fully programmable for any water quality including high iron content water
  • High, high flow capability with much lower pressure loss than other home and small commercial systems.
  • No backup battery is required because all the settings and the program are held up to 99 years. The clock time setting holds the correct time for up to 24 hours with a simple, no maintenance super capacitor.
  • Rugged, solid state electronics and no wearing mechanical parts in water assure long, dependable life… Non-pro-rated 10-year guarantee.
  • Soft water brine for efficiency, superior iron removal, and a clean brine tank.
  • Rugged, attractive insulating jacket to prevent tank “sweating” and mold.
Municipal and Community Public Water Conditioning System