Benefits of Saltless Water Softeners

The biggest benefit of saltless water softeners is that they do not use salt to soften the water. Many people find that salt from traditional water softening systems is extremely drying to the skin, even when present in small amounts. For these people, water softeners that use salt actually create more problems than they solve. Saltless water softeners are the perfect solution because they use resins that only have minute traces of salt on them.

The resin inside saltless water softeners also lasts much longer than the salt in traditional water softeners. Thus, owners do not need to refill the filter medium in saltless water softeners as often as they would in a traditional salt water softening systems.

Cost of Saltless Water Softeners

The total cost of a saltless water softener can vary widely. However, the cost of a basic saltless water softener, including installation, will run from $500 to $1500.

Home owners will still need to buy salt for a saltless water softener that is used for the brine solution. The brine solution is only used during recharging of the resin beads. Thus, saltless water softeners use much less salt than traditional water softening systems.

Both saltless water softeners and traditional salt water softening systems will solve the problems associated with hard water in a home. It’s best to compare water softening systems before deciding on one to purchase.

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Original Date: May 31 2018

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