How Hair and Skin is Affected by Hard Water

Have you ever emerged from a shower in a new place – whether on vacation or at a family or friend’s house – and felt like your hair or skin were different? A jaw-dropping 85 percent of households throughout the United States have hard water, and many people are used to its effects on their bodies. 

Calcium, iron, or magnesium-rich water is evident by scale build-up in coffee makers, bathroom sinks, shower curtains and walls, bathtub faucets, and more. 

Skin and scalp that comes in contact with mineral-rich water can be left feeling dry, flaky, itchy, and irritated. Minerals are, in fact, beneficial for our health, but this external bombardment can be too much for skin and hair. 

Hair can be affected by having a residue that alters its overall texture, health, and appearance. If your hair feels filmy, thin, straw-like, dull, or limp, you more-than-likely have a hard water issue. Color-treated hair fades more quickly with hard water. Overall, hair loss or the inability to get the shampoo to a full lather are also signs of hard water. 

On the skin, chronic conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be aggravated by hard water. The most common effect of hard water on the skin is extreme dryness. The lack of moisture and high levels of minerals can shift your natural skin hydration, leading to breakouts and other issues. 

Though many cities throughout the United States treat their water, others are left with untreated or well water that needs to be softened by the homeowner. To get a better snapshot of your home’s specific levels, contact a water treatment expert who can determine how to properly manage your water woes. 

Generally, filtration systems are the best bet to combat hard water. The price varies, but whole-house filters are important for ensuring your drinking, bathing, and washing water are safe and mineral-free. People living in apartments should also consider a shower head filter and faucet filters for drinking water.

Is your home or business troubled by hard water? Contact the water treatment experts at Reynolds Water Conditioning today for affordable solutions to improve your water experience. 

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