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Reynolds Water Conditioning was established in 1931, and is Michigan's oldest water conditioning treatment company. Still owned and operated by the Reynolds family - Reynolds Water Conditioning takes pride in providing the highest quality products, at a cost-effective price. If the water coming out of your tap lacks the quality you desire, Contact us today!


We built our new home and it was the first home we owned with a well. I called Reynolds because a neighbor had referred me to them. They installed my Easter softener, iron filter and reverse osmosis system. We couldn’t be happier with how smooth and clean the set up is. Pricing was much better then culligan and rain soft when we shopped around.

michael cox

After 17 years, I have great water! I have well water, which I love. But after using multiple softeners and whole house filters, I called Reynolds. Their representative walked me through the specifics of my well water and what they would do to improve it, without any pressure. The technician was efficient, thoughtful, and careful in his work. Their work is top notch and now my water is wonderful. I would highly recommend Reynolds Water Conditioning! Their expertise and equipment are highest quality.

Brent Slater

We were very pleased with our experience with Reynolds Water when they installed a new softener and water filters for our well water. Jamie listened to our descriptions of what we were trying to accomplish and our particular issues and questions, and we were very comfortable with his recommendation of what we might (or might not) choose to do. The installation by Branden went smoothly, and he did a great job explaining the equipment and servicing. Highly recommend.



Reynolds Water Softeners and Water Conditioners will remove hardness and iron from your water leaving you with soft, clean water throughout your home. They can be used with either city water or well water.



Reynolds Water filtration and water purification systems will remove chemicals, odors, flavors, colors and contaminants; leaving you with crystal clear water.