Water Filters Cartridges and Softeners

Water Filters Cartridges and Softeners

If your home or business depends on well water, you will likely face some diverse water quality issues. Luckily, various water filters cater to these needs, ranging from cartridges to whole-house water filters. Among these are different types and sizes specifically designed to target and remove certain contaminants from the water. Choosing the appropriate technology and size for your home’s water usage is imperative. Proper installation by professionals and consistent system maintenance are essential to extending the lifespan and ensuring the optimal performance of your water filtration equipment.

What Are Sediment Water Filter Cartridges?

Sediment filters use a physical barrier, such as a mesh or pleated material, to remove larger particles like sand, silt, and rust from water. Their efficiency depends on the micron rating, which determines the size of fragments they can filter out. A too-small micron rating can reduce water pressure, while a too-large one might not effectively remove sediment. Finding the right balance requires experience that usually only a water treatment specialist will know. At Reynolds Water Conditioning, our professionals can assist you in determining the best fit for your unique scenario.

Sediment filters are important because residue and minerals can wear out water-using appliances and hinder the performance of other water treatment systems. While they improve the quality of your drinking water, additional purification steps may be required.

What Are Carbon Water Filter Cartridges?

Carbon water filter cartridges utilize activated carbon to eliminate chemicals like chlorine and certain odors from water. These filters are also found in reverse osmosis systems to pre-treat water by removing chlorine, which can damage the system’s membrane. The process of trapping particles in the porous carbon is called adsorption. Over time, the filter’s adsorption capacity maxes out, requiring a change. Matching the filter’s micron rating and size to the intended use is crucial.

Other specialized filter cartridges address unique water issues like pH balance and pipe protection. A water treatment expert can recommend these based on specific needs.

What Are Whole-house, Point-of-Entry Water Softeners and Filters?

Water softeners, a type of whole-house filtration, treat hard water by removing minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, and manganese. An “up-flow” softener is advised to prevent mineral accumulation for high iron or manganese levels. Opt for high-efficiency softeners for better water and salt usage.

These comprehensive systems treat water at the point-of-entry into a building, ensuring that all the water used in the house is filtered. Point-of-entry systems offer solutions for high water usage scenarios where cartridge filters aren’t practical. These systems are self-cleaning, which helps to extend their lifespan. A point-of-entry carbon filter provides prolonged chlorine removal through extended contact time for town water rich in chlorine.

Removing Radon and Arsenic from Well Water

In Michigan, well water may contain Radon and Arsenic. Water softeners won’t address these. Radon is managed using aeration systems that release the gas from water, safely venting it outdoors. For arsenic, tanks with specific resin can capture it before entering a home’s water. For drinking water, reverse osmosis systems can effectively tackle arsenic. Consult with a professional for the best solution.

Treating Well Water for Bad Tastes and Odors

Various systems can address taste, odor, sediment, and other contaminants. A water test is the starting point to determine the suitable approach.

To test the quality of your well water and determine viable solutions, contact Reynolds Water Conditioning today!


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