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At Reynolds Water Conditioning Co., we understand that no two customers have the same water conditioning and water treatment needs. Each family and each business is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of products and systems to suit your needs. We offer many different types and sizes of water treatment systems and products to handle any water problem.


Reynolds Water Softeners and Water Conditioners will remove hardness and iron from your water leaving you with soft, clean water throughout your home. They can be used with either city water or well water.


Reynolds water filtration and water purification systems will remove chemicals, odors, flavors, colors and contaminants; leaving you with crystal clear water.


Reynolds Water Conditioning Co. has different options for Irrigation Iron removal based on your particular needs. REYNOLDS CLEARSTREAM IRON-ODOR FILTER IRRIGATION STAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS REYNOLDS CHLORINATOR

Reynolds, the Quality Water People since 1931, introduces its new water cooler for work or home. Reynolds, the Quality Water People since 1931, introduces its new water cooler for work or home. Quality water, Convenience and Savings. Why a Bottle-Less Water Cooler?
Low monthly cost is less than bottled water and provides unlimited filtered water. All maintenance and filters included! Save up to 50% or more


How Safe Is Our Drinking Water?

Even the experts disagree about the extent of groundwater and surface water contamination problems. That’s because each drinking water supply is different, and can be subject to contamination from various sources and different types of contaminants. ...MORE

However, what the experts do agree on is this: access to good, safe drinking water is essential for your health and wellbeing. Therefore, it’s vital to check for potential contamination and ensure the quality of your drinking water supply.

Soften Your Water Without Adding Sodium
Soften your water by replacing the hard water minerals with potassium instead of sodium. Potassium is one of the most essential nutrients for good health, and is also vitally important to plant life. ...MORE

You not only avoid adding excess sodium to your drinking water, you also add natural potassium that your body needs while helping the environment. Reynolds Water Conditioning systems are designed to work just as well with potassium compared to sodium. Just add potassium to the tank instead of sodium for salt free water.
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Our Guarantee
Our product components are of the finest quality and are backed by an industry-respected 10-year non-prorated warranty. Warranty coverage extends to our tanks and insulating jackets, control systems, and industrial-grade resin.
Please see the certificate for warranty details.

All components are tested or certified by NSF, Underwriters Laboratories, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and/or Water Quality Association Laboratory.

The Mark Of A Professional
Through its membership in WQA, since 1950, Reynolds Water Conditioning Co., has agreed to an industry Code of Ethics and has access to the most up to date information available, including professional certification, training, and continuing education; state of the art technology; technical services; industry trends and statistical data; and research and development.
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