Prevent Irrigation Rust & Mineral Stains

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The Reynolds Irrigation Stain Control System is designed to prevent rust staining on all surfaces during outdoor use.

The RC solution is a clear blue highly concentrated non toxic neutral linear phosphate that will prevent mineral and iron stains. This 100% bio-degradable solution is injected into the irrigation stream as it enters the irrigation system.

  • It prevents the formation of rust and red water stains on buildings, patios, and other outdoor landscaping objects.
  • Because the RC solution contains no harmful acids or chlorides, it protects against corrosion, pitting and damaged plant life.

The feed system includes a solution tank, industrial grade flow switch, and a high performance solid state injection pump. The pump is adjustable so the solution can be proportioned properly for any water quality.

The only maintenance required is the occasional refilling of the solution tank.

The Reynolds Irrigation Stain Control System has proven to be the best combination of equipment and chemical that we have used.

We have more than 25 years of experience with stain control.

Outdoor Water Rust Prevention Eliminates Rust Staining