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Standard Water Conditioner has unique technological features that deliver low operating costs for iron free water.

  • Extraordinary iron removal.
  • Better tasting water for drinking, beverages, ice, and cooking.

The SoftStream Standard System is available in three sizes to fit most homes and families.

The Reynolds SoftStream Standard System has a micro-processor that not only programs itself by averaging out water consumption day after day, but it also has a unique method of programming that better fits a family's water usage. Practically all users of water have a pattern that is 7 day oriented, such as higher / lower use weekends, laundry days, or even guests. The control system monitors 4 consecutive 7 day periods. This system gives you the most accurate programming in the industry for lower operating cost and INFREQUENT brine tank refills, typically just a couple per year. If your water use changes seasonally or because of a family status change, the SoftStream Standard will compensate precisely. Because of the precision, it also facilitates environmental responsibility. The simple, durable electronic meter has only one moving part.

The control panel indicates:

  • Gallons remaining
  • Time of day
  • Time of regeneration
  • Water hardness
  • Regeneration sequence
  • Capacity of system
  • Potassium/Salt setting

Unique technological advances are incorporated into this system… High-Quality Water, Low Operating Cost.

  • Fully automatic… no adjustments are required after installation.
  • No backup battery is required because all the settings and the program are held up to 99 years. The clock time setting holds the correct time for up to 24 hours with a simple, no maintenance super capacitor.
  • Automatic bypass during regeneration… water is always available.
  • Rugged, solid state electronics and no wearing parts in water assure long dependable life… Non-prorated 5-year guarantee.
  • Every part is designed to prevent corrosion and promote long life.
  • Industrial grade resin… durable because of its high cross-linkage and low moisture content.
    • More efficient with less iron fouling.
    • More durable, especially on a community well and city water supplies.

Warranty – Every component is of the finest quality and backed by our respected 5-year non-prorated warranty. Please see certificate for details.

All components are tested or certified by NSF, Underwriters Laboratories, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and/or Water Quality Association.

The SoftSteam Standard System delivers outstanding water quality and iron free water at an extremely low operating cost.

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