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SoftStream Plus Systems in a full range of sizes for residential and light commercial well water conditioning use. Extraordinary quality with High-Flow capability. The SoftStream Plus System monitors water consumption and regenerates only as needed, based on your actual consumption, resulting in significantly lower operating cost.

Well Water Conditioning Features

Look at the Reynolds SoftStream Plus features that are usually reserved only for the most expensive products in the Industry!

  • The program includes an extra reserve for extraordinary water consumption. If your usage pattern changes, the control will change its program automatically. If there is a power outage, the program is retained as long as necessary without battery backup.
  • High-Flow with extremely low-pressure loss.
  • Soft water brine for better efficiency and also better iron removal from the resin.
  • Salt-Free” option with no sodium added to the conditioned water.
  • Better tasting water for drinking, beverages, ice, and cooking.
  • Every part is designed to prevent corrosion and promote long, dependable life.
  • Attractive, rugged insulating jacket prevents “sweating” in the warm seasons.
  • Industrial grade resin… durable because of high cross-linkage and low moisture content.
    • More efficient with less iron fouling.
    • More durable, especially on a community well and city water supplies.


The extraordinary quality and dependability is a result of only the finest components being used for well water conditioning. One of the best ways you can judge quality is the guarantee of a well-established company.

  • Ten-year non-prorated guarantee on the tanks and jackets.
  • Ten-year non-prorated guarantee on all other components, including electrical.
  • The guarantee certificate provides full details.
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