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The City-Water Combine is a combination water softening and filtering system designed to remove hardness, several other heavy metals, taste, odor, chlorine, and many other chemicals.

This system will change city water, with objectionable taste and odor, into virtually perfect water for drinking, bathing, laundry and household cleaning.

Water Softening and Filtering System

The Reynolds City-Water Combine is available with our salt-free, no sodium added regeneration system. It will deliver probably the nicest tasting water you can remember. This water is softer than rain water. It is wonderful for your skin. It eliminates soap scum and bathtub/basin ring.

The system is fully automatic. The brine tank, used only for the Combine regeneration, needs filling, in most cases, once or twice a year. The operating cost is pennies per day. Two model the 3 sizes each are available to accommodate any size home or family.

The City-Water Combine is computer controlled so that it only regenerates based on your exact water consumption at any time you choose. Its memory is indelible, so no batteries are used, and no power-failure reprogramming is ever required.

Here is how the City-Water Combine works: Two distinctly different mediums are homogenized in the same Combine tank. When water passes through the media, hardness, odor, taste and many heavy metals and chemicals are removed.

One medium is durable granulated activated carbon for the removal of taste, odor, and chemicals. In most cases, this material will last five to ten years and is replaceable.

The other medium is a synthetic industrial grade resin used as an ion exchange material for the removal of hardness and many other heavy metals.

The regeneration of this media is accomplished automatically and includes a thorough cleaning and flushing of the media.

Warranty: Every component is of the finest quality and backed by our respected warranty. The complete control system and tanks carry a 10-year non-prorated guarantee. See guarantee certificate for details.

All components are tested or certified by NSF, Underwriters Laboratories, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and/or Water Quality Association.

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