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State-of-the-Art Water Conditioning System

The Reynolds TwinStream utilizes two water conditioners that operate simultaneously for twice the flow rate and half the pressure loss, delivering extraordinary flow rates with half the usual pressure loss.

When used in a home, you will no longer have to limit water use when a shower, washer, and other water using devices need to be used at the same time.

Virtually no other water conditioning system made will deliver water with almost no pressure loss, as the Reynolds TwinStream System does.

The control system monitors both water conditioners as they operate to give you the most efficient performance possible. The control display indicates the flow rate and the gallons available from each unit before regeneration.

The computer system monitors water usage and regenerates one conditioner at a time, so that conditioned water is always available without interruption. The regeneration time can be selected so that it can be done when higher flows are not needed during the day or even at night.

Four different modes of operation may be selected to best suit individual residential or commercial needs. In short, this is utopia in water conditioning!

Quality water is needed and delivered all day and all night all year long

  • Toilet flushing – nonstop service
  • Humidifiers – nonstop service
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems – nonstop service
  • Ice makers – nonstop service
  • Boilers – nonstop service
  • Families and many businesses need quality water without the interruption of a recharge cycle every single day

Eight sizes to accommodate every residential and light commercial requirement.

Optional salt-free regeneration eliminates sodium addition to conditioned water.

This system is everything you have wanted and needed in a water conditioner.

  • The computer control regenerates each tank precisely as needed, based on actual usage for low operating cost.
  • Soft, conditioned water is used for the brine and cleaning the resin bed.
  • NOVRAM memory maintains program and history data in the event of a power failure.
  • LED display – Six digit, easy to read display makes programming simple.
  • The display shows gallons remaining in number 1 unit, number 2 unit, and also gallons per minute, alternating every 3-4 seconds.
  • Extraordinary iron removal capability .. precision regeneration with soft water.
  • All cycles are completely adjustable for best efficiency and low water consumption.
  • No sodium added to conditioned water in our “Salt-Free” system.
  • Purge rinse assures high-quality water when alternate conditioner goes into service.
  • Brine safety valve included.

The Reynolds Super TwinStream Water Conditioning System

It has the same type control and dependability. The specifications are basically the same as the Reynolds TwinStream, but the size of the control’s waterways and the flow rates are higher.


Every component is of the finest quality and backed by our respected warranty.

  • Tanks and insulating jackets … Non-Prorated 10-year warranty.
  • Control systems from the world leaders … Non-prorated warranty of 10 years with electrical and electronic included.
  • Industrial grade resin … Non-prorated warranty of 10 years.
  • Please see certificate for warranty details.

All components are tested or certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, Underwriters Laboratories, Federal Drug Administration, or the Water Quality Association.

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