Well Water Iron Bacteria Reduction Using a Chlorination System

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Delivering automatic, economical iron bacteria reducing protection for well water systems.

From clogged pumps and stained fixtures, to odors, slime and disease-carrying bacteria, most water problems originate in the well. So it makes good sense to treat these problems at their source…right in the well itself.

The Reynolds Dry Pellet Chlorination System, with its unique dry pellet chlorination, is the most reliable and economical system available today for the automatic chlorination of well water.

The Reynolds Dry Pellet Chlorination System provides healthier, better tasting water right from the well.

Taste-free, odor-free water is enjoyed daily thanks to the Reynolds Dry Pellet Chlorination System’s bacteria-destroying action that prevents the creation of sulfide gas and its rotten egg smell. A popular application for this system is to control iron stains produced by irrigation systems.

Clear, clog-free pumps and piping operate at top efficiency with less energy and maintenance…the result of the Reynolds Dry Pellet Chlorination System’s constant destruction of iron bacteria and its damaging build-up. Using the well casing as the retention tank keeps chlorine in contact with the well water as long as possible for maximum effect.

Simple in its design for trouble free performance, the modular Reynolds Chlorinator is easy to install and maintain. Completely weatherproof with a rugged thermoplastic housing that resists corrosion and UV rays, for reliable, uninterrupted operation in every season.

Highly concentrated, EPA-registered dry chlorine pellets load safely and conveniently into the Reynolds Dry Pellet Chlorination System from easy-to-store containers. An extra-large, weather sealed chlorine storage bin holds an ample supply of pellets to provide long intervals between refills. Two sizes are available.

Automatically controlled, the Reynolds Dry Pellet Chlorination System begins feeding dry chlorine pellets directly into the well casing when the pump motor starts. A power light signals “ON” when the chlorinator is operating. The automatic reversing clutch is designed to prevent pellets from jamming in the chlorinator. The system is easily adjustable for pellet feed to suit any well requirement.

 Iron Bacteria Reducing Protection In Well Water Systems