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C100-1 20 Micron Cartridge Filter

C100-20 20 Micron Cartridge Filter by Reynolds Water Conditioning Co.

Reynolds ClearStream Super Performance High Flow Filter Cartridge. 20 micron cartridge filter – 20″ long x 4 1/2″ diameter


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Our Premium Super Performance High Flow filter cartridges provide exceptional results at a cost effective price. All of our filters are designed to deliver high flow rates and low pressure loss for residential and commercial applications. Features: Filter cartridges are pleated for greater surface area. The filter media is thicker than other products which gives the cartridge greater capacity to capture and retain particles. All cartridges 5 micron and up are washable and reusable. All cartridges come individually wrapped for maximum sanitary effectiveness. Benefits: Long service life (in most applications the filter cartridge will last up to one year) means infrequent changes and lower operating costs. Our cartridges are pleated which results in lower pressure drop (higher flow rates) compared to wound, spun, and melt blown cartridges. Increased particle removal efficiency which means longer life and fewer cartridge replacements needed. Superior performance resulting in better water quality.