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The Reynolds ClearStream filters are built for rugged, dependable service from the finest materials available.

  • ClearStream 1" metered control system programs itself to backwash, based on usage.
  • No chemicals or regeneration are required, nuisance and maintenance-free.
  • 7" diameter to 48" diameter tanks are available for virtually any application.
  • Downflow final purge rinse at the end of backwash/rinse cycle, available on all models.
  • No minimum pressure requirements.
  • Automatic backwash controls.

Control Systems

The Reynolds ClearStream control system will initiate the backwash/rinse cycle based on the gallons used at any time desired. The controls can also operate Duplex and Triplex units in parallel, shutting off, one at a time, to backwash as required.

No backup battery is required because all settings are held up to 99 years. The clock time setting holds the correct time for up to 24 hours with a simple, no-maintenance super-capacitor.

Internal Distribution Systems

All tanks through 16" diameter use a slotted basket distributor, sized to the tank diameter and pipe size. All tanks 21" and larger use a scientifically designed Equa-Flow distribution system to direct the water equally through the media bed for high flow efficiency and elimination of 'channeling'.


  • Fiberglass tanks (residential use) have a ten-year, non-prorated warranty - (commercial use) has a five-year, non-prorated warranty.
  • 1" control systems carry a ten-year non-prorated guarantee.

Four Series of Filters – One For Every Requirement

ClearStream Clear-Carb Filter

Chlorine treatment for bacteria control is necessary for many municipal water supplies. Adequate treatment always leaves substantial chlorine residual to assure bacterial kill. This residual is not only unpleasant in taste and odor but can cause chemical reactions, which can be dangerous. Clear-Carb Filters completely remove chlorine.

Clear-Carb Filters also remove dingy, moldy, and fishy tastes. Due to the presence of petroleum products, chemicals, and small amounts of sulfides, taste and odors are removed. From decayed vegetation, many colors and stains are cleared up beautifully using Clear-Carb Filters. Tannins require a special resin-based system.

The special carbon used in Clear-Carb Filters is a hard, durable material and will last many years. They require no maintenance except automatic backwashing.

ClearStream Super-Carbon Filter

The super activated carbon in this filter is a specially prepared carbon media that will remove moderate quantities of chemicals, organics, and sulfides that a water softener/conditioner cannot. The Super-Carbon is not treated with any toxic metals or materials. It requires no regeneration or maintenance except automatic backwashing. Contact Reynolds for specific water treatment applications.

ClearStream Oxy-Catalytic Filter

  • The Oxy-Catalytic medium is a metal alloy that is bacteriostatic. It prevents the growth of iron bacteria and removes sulfide odors common to it.
  • Removes moderate sulfur/sulfides.
  • Removes chlorine.
  • Combined with a water conditioner/softener, complete iron removal is routine.
  • Removes the majority of iron present.
  • Rated flows are three times higher than other media in use today.

ClearStream Sediment Filter

Sediment Filters are used to remove turbidity, dirt, and silt from the water. Our outstanding, self-cleaning sediment filters are a maintenance-free alternative to cartridge filters. No pressure drop and no more messy cartridge changes. Available in several sizes for any size home/family or other applications.

Sediment filters are supplied with high-quality stone-pumice filter aggregate. It has a much higher capacity than silica sand. It also requires no maintenance except automatic backwashing. Contact Reynolds Water Conditioning Co. for specific water treatment applications.

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