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Reynolds Water Conditioning Company offers a home delivery service for your water softener salt and potassium chloride needs.

We offer the following products:

Diamond Crystal® Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride is a low-sodium alternative to traditional water softener salts. Made with up to 99.1% pure potassium chloride, these crystals contain low insoluble content to keep your water softening unit running smoothly. Recommended for all kinds of water softeners.

Diamond Crystal Hardi-Cube Salt and Hardi-Cube Red·Out Salt with Iron Fighter Formula

Made with up to 99.8% pure salt, this premium-purity softener salt has a uniquely compacted shape for extra hardness. Virtually 100% water soluble, it is specially formulated to resist mushing and bridging in the brine tank—helping to keep your softener clean and trouble-free.
The Red·Out formula product also contains and FDA-approved, highly effective rust remover which helps to prevent rust stains on laundry and household fixtures.
Recommended for use in all water softeners. Available in 50 pound bags.

Please call 800-572-9575 for the latest prices and service areas.

Diamond Crystal Hardi Cube and Potassium For Water Softeners

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