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This is a list of common problems that will create hard water.

  • The bypass valve is in bypass.
  • A leaking toilet or sink will waste many gallons of water that a demand unit water meter will not count.
  • Salt bridged. Break with broom handle.
  • Very low water pressure.
  • Valve drain hose too small, or raised higher than 8 feet above floor level.
  • Iron or sediment fouled resin.
  • Demand unit programmed to wrong model code or hardness setting.
  • Hot water used during regeneration time.
  • Unit in vacation setting.
  • Too few regenerations programmed on a solid state or mechanical unit.
  • Fuse or circuit breaker blown.
  • Transformer plugged into a switched outlet or basement light.
  • Unit plumbed in backwards.
  • Water hardness changing.
  • Unit is losing resin, or resin is breaking down from too much chlorine contact over time.
  • Softener sized too small for application.
  • Soft water plumbed to outside sill cocks.
  • Water hardness too high for model size.
  • No salt in unit.
  • Leak by riser pipe o-ring.